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Russian conference discuss Afghan peace process, terrorism

224 - Russian conference discuss Afghan peace process, terrorism

An international conference held in Moscow on April 11th discussed challenges and treats directed to the Central Asian region countries, cooperation between countries of the region on terrorism and drug trafficking.

The Central Asian regional security conference titled «Terrorism and internal political processes in Afghanistan, Transition from war to political solution within the context of regional activities» was initiated and organised by Lev Gumilev Centre. Leading experts from Russia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus attended the huddle.

Participants have also discussed pros and cons of the monopolization of power in Afghanistan. They have also discussed possibilities of move the peace process forward that now seems most likely.

Other points of the agenda have included effectiveness of regional peacemaking platform, especially the results of international conference in Tashkent under the theme «Peace process, security cooperation and regional interaction».

Participants of the conference have also noted the reasons for ethnic tensions, because it is the main cause of insecurity and rise of extremist organisations in Afghanistan.

Khalil Fitri, who is the news director at Pajhwok Afghan News, noticed that in present Afghanistan the term «terrorism» itself could not be considered obviously. In his speech, he was talking about terrorism in Afghanistan and about internal political situation in the country.

«15 years ago the main slogan for Afghanistan authorities and western countries was the same. It was fighting the terrorism. It was obvious from the early beginning of war, which groups are terrorists and how they should be fought. Then, as conflict was longer and longer, even the term terrorism became unobvious. Perhaps, it is main problem in present Afghanistan: those, who had been terrorists, are no longer terrorists. It is also important, that western countries are not confident about whether Taliban is terrorist group or it is politic-military movement.

This kind of misunderstanding making the situation even worse, because government of Afghanistan seems to follow advices of some foreign organizations. Seems it doesn’t follow its own goals. The result is that ordinary Afghans are suffering. Furthermore, despite all the declarations, Afghanistan receive less help from international community than before», – Khalil Fitri said.

Head of the High Peace Council of Afghanistan, Karim Khalili has said that the Taliban were not interested in start of peace process. He has also said that they will never give up.
The conference in Tashkent adopted a declaration. Main points of the declaration is that the peace process should be implemented by citizens of Afghanistan (Tramp’s administration is also agree) and Taliban will be recognised as political party.

Taliban members are looking for a direct dialogue with US, but US stand on the point that the conflict between this organisation and government is internal conflict and Afghans themselves should solve it.

Under this circumstances Moscow is ready to invite for a dialogue key regional countries like Pakistan. The SCO countries have also encouraged Moscow’s initiative in consulting on security questions within Central Asian region.

Zaki Daryabi, publisher and a chief editor of Kabul’s newspaper «Etilaatroz», gave a brief description of recent success in achieving peace process in Afghanistan.

«After a decade of stagnation, the process of dialogue with Pakistan has moved forward in the last 2 years, but relations with Pakistan are actually really very bad now.

The second round of Kabul process can be considered as a very important, because Afghan government has made significant concessions. The government actually invited the Taliban to join political process in the country. It has also offered amnesty for all Taliban members who are currently being in prisons. Fighting ISIS can become some kind of cooperation point between National Unity government and the Taliban».

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