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Details of Ashraf Ghani escape from the language of the Afghan ambassador

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Ariana News Agency: The Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan gave new details of Ashraf Ghani's departure from the country.

Mohammad Zahir Akbar, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Tajikistan, said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had scheduled a meeting with the government on the day of his escape while officials were waiting for him to leave Kabul airport.

Ghani not only escaped and handed over his comrade to fate, but also seized the budget money and looted the people. None of his deputies knew he was planning to flee.

According to the Minister of Defense of the Ghani government, with whom I spoke personally, Ashraf Ghani’s advisor called the Ministry of Defense and said that he would be present at 4 pm. They were ready to wait for him, but at that time there were three planes that took Ghani and his relatives out of Kabul airport.

He said the Taliban easily seized power in Afghanistan because of Ghani’s betrayal because he ousted honest officials from the government and replaced them with inexperienced people.

He recalled that the Taliban captured the country, 32 provinces and 360 regions within 10 days. However, the country’s military was trained by NATO and had modern weapons.

He added: the shape of the government will be determined in the near future.

President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and went to UAE and after two days made a video message in which he promised to return to his country.

Vice President Amrullah Saleh said he now heads the government in accordance with the constitution and called for armed resistance against the Taliban.

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