Afghanistan, Politics, Security, Social updated: March 19, 2024

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Taliban Governor in Kandahar Imposes Photography Ban

taliban طالبان 550x295 - Taliban Governor in Kandahar Imposes Photography Ban

Mullah Mohammad Shirin Akhund, the Taliban-appointed governor of Kandahar, has issued a directive prohibiting all forms of photography during official and unofficial gatherings.

This announcement was conveyed via a letter addressed to the relevant organizations within the group.

The directive emphasizes that media coverage of the group’s meetings will be restricted to written and audio formats only. It further underscores the Taliban’s adherence to Islamic principles, which forbid the depiction of living beings.

The Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan has led to a series of social restrictions imposed on the country’s populace. Notably, women are currently barred from accessing schools, universities, hairdressing salons, as well as both private and government offices.

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