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Patrushev Accuses America of Responsibility for Afghanistan’s Current Situation

کشته 550x295 - Patrushev Accuses America of Responsibility for Afghanistan's Current Situation

The Secretary of the Russian Security Council has asserted that over 20 terrorist organizations are currently operational in Afghanistan.

Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council, disclosed, “Presently, Afghanistan hosts approximately 20 terrorist organizations, comprising over 23,000 militants.”

Speaking at a gathering of Security Council Secretaries in Bishkek, Patrushev remarked, “Afghanistan stands as a pivotal node in the ongoing series of geopolitical endeavors orchestrated by the West. Primary culpability for the prevailing dire circumstances in Afghanistan should squarely rest upon the United States and its allies.”

He criticized Washington for its lack of meaningful actions to ameliorate the situation over its two-decade-long presence in the region. Additionally, Patrushev noted that the West exacerbated the situation by leaving behind a substantial cache of weaponry during their withdrawal, effectively setting a ticking time bomb.

Patrushev warned, “Presently, these arms serve to escalate conflicts among Afghan factions, flood the black market, and end up in the hands of terrorists in other nations.”

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