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Karzai; Any Stop in Peace Talks is would be a Mistake and Crime

کرزی 550x295 - Karzai; Any Stop in Peace Talks is would be a Mistake and Crime

The Afghanistan former president warned the Presidential Palace that any suspend in US-Taliban peace talks process will be a crime and great mistake.

Ariana News Agency-

In a special interview with Voice of America, Hamid Karzai emphasized on the attempt to bring peace to Afghanistan even if the Afghan government not participate in the talks.

Considering the peace talks as national attempt to bring peace to Afghanistan, the former President stated that any stop in the process due to government’s lack of participation will be a blunder and a crime.

“We’re taking our utmost attempt to bring our government to talks table in Qatar. I ask this and try my best to bring this issue into practice, but if not succeeded we cannot stop a national attempt for making peace”, Karzai said.

Hamid Karzai was one Afghan official members who attended to US-Taliban meeting in Moscow which received harsh criticism from the National Unity Government. He also expressed his willingness to participate in the next round of US-Taliban peace talks in Qatar.



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