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Criticisms over the Fruitless US-Taliban Negotiations

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Some American experts well-aware of Afghanistan affairs believe that the Afghanistan peace negotiation process and the plan to withdraw US forces not proceeding in correct path.

Ariana News Agency-  

Ioannis Koskinas the Senior Fellow, New America’s International Security Program in the meeting  “Trump’s Taliban Negotiations: What it Means for Afghanistan” considered Washington negotiation with Taliban group as meaningless.

He said: “I want to speak directly, we should not sit around negotiation table with Taliban group, those who took the responsibility of attack carried out over Helmand and Maidan Wardak Province lately.”

Mr. Koskinas also stated that if he had appointed Zalmay Khalilzad as US envoy to Afghanistan he would have asked him to hold the fifth rounds of talks in Kabul instead of Doha-Qatar.


The Current Situation is not Suitable for Compromise and Dialogue


Mr. Ioannis Koskinas who is living in Afghanistan since 2001 does not consider the current situation suitable for compromise and dialogue with Taliban.

“If any compromise with Taliban is due to benefit us, we should better to reinforce the Afghanistan government in order to represent its people. Instead of clique frameworks and agreements, it’s better to rely on a President who can really represent its people”, Mr. Koskinas also added.

On the other hand, Shamila Chaudhary the Former Director for Afghanistan and Pakistan, National Security Council believed that in the meantime there is no chance for US to carry out structural works in Afghanistan.

Chaudhary said: “There is even no chance to apply any pressure, since the presence of US forces does not allow this. We are not in a position to put Taliban under our desired pressure.”

She also noted that Donald trump administration has no comprehensive strategy in Afghanistan.

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