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Whats Going on in Taliban-Afghan Parties Peace Talks in Moscow?

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The Taliban-Afghan political parties two-days bilateral talks began yesterday in Moscow without afghan official authorities’ invitation to attend.

Ariana News Agency-

During the yesterday peace talks between Taliban delegates and the leader of some political parties of Afghanistan which began yesterday in Moscow, Hamid Karzai was the first who address the meeting and pointed out that Afghanistan peace can be realized with our own hands.  If we will we can bring peace to Afghanistan with no help from any other foreign causes.

The meeting was also attended by other Afghan parties’ leaders including Yunus Qanuni, Mohammad Mohaghegh, Atta Muhammad Nur, Mohammad Ismail Khan and some other leaders. They are due to sit around the negotiation table with Taliban delegates to discuss ending war in Afghanistan and bring peace to the country.

This while the Afghan High Peace Council and other official authorities expressed their frustration over such meetings saying they won’t help reaching peace but may smooth the path for Taliban and Afghanistan government negotiations.


The Demands of Taliban Delegates during the Meeting


During yesterday’s talks Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai aimed at the Afghanistan constitution law and considered it westernized.

“The current Afghanistan constitution is incredible, since it copied from the west and was imposed over our nation through occupation arwa and it cannot be implemented in our society, replete with vagueness and contradictions, so this the primary obstacle impedes reaching peace.”

He also said that our women rights rules are undoubtedly affected by the west culture but Taliban legitimizes women rights within the frame work of Islamic and Afghan Values.

The Taliban delegates also demanded that Taliban must be removed from US terrorist black list and UN and Islamic nations must adhere to the Potential Peace Agreement.

The release of Taliban prisoners, determining an specified location for Taliban office and stopping any propaganda against this group were the other demands the leader of Taliban delegates requested from the meeting.


What Answers Given to the Taliban Demands?


Yunus Qanuni the member of Islamic people leadership somewhat opposed Stanikzai’s comments on Afghanistan constitution law and considered the constitution as one of Afghanistan’s achievements.

In this line he said: “During the past 18 years, Afghanistan’s constitution law was approved based on the Islamic rules and it is now considered as one of the best and Islamic constitution in the region and it has been implemented in the society up to now.”

“But I somehow agree with Mr. Stanikzai’s comments, the constitution needs some amendments”, Qanuni also added.

The leader of Islamic Unity Party of the People of Afghanistan Mohammad Mohaghegh also addressed the meeting saying that while the Afghanistan official authorities are not here to share their ideas but two sides involved in the war should push themselves toward the ceasefire.

Fawzia Koofi a member if Wolesi Jirga also gave speech in the meeting called on delegates and authorities not to ignore the women rights and achievements if the peace agreement possibly reached.







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