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Ahmad Shah Massoud’s son warns the Taliban

Ahmad Massoud 450x295 - Ahmad Shah Massoud's son warns the Taliban

Ariana News Agency: Ahmad Massoud, the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, warned the Taliban against entering Panjshir province.

A Taliban-affiliated Twitter page released a video announcing the movement of dozens of military vehicles carrying the group’s forces to Panjshir to fight forces loyal to Ahmad Massoud.

The tweet also posted a video of the movement of vehicles carrying Taliban forces.

The movement of Taliban forces towards Panjshir is while Ahmad Massoud, the son of the Supreme Leader, warned the Taliban against entering Panjshir province and said that he enjoys the support of the former government forces and the people of Panjshir.

“We have a number of government forces as well as thousands of people from Panjshir province and forces from Takhar, Kunduz and Kabul, these forces are of different tribes and if Taliban continue the current approach, they will not last long.

“If the Taliban stops attacking Panjshir, we will find a better way for the future,” he said. If they enter Panjshir, we will fight and try to expand the resistance.

Ahmad Massoud continued: “We are the last lines of defense in Afghanistan and we want to end this war and negotiate.” But the Taliban do not listen to mediation. Regarding the political solution to the country’s crisis, Ahmad Massoud stressed his readiness to negotiate to resolve the issue, saying: “No one is opposed to the idea of ​​negotiations in Panjshir.” We have no problem with the presence of the Taliban in the government or the inclusive government.

Regarding contacts with Russians and international groups, Massoud said, “We call on these countries to intervene in Afghanistan on a mission to combat immigration and the terrorist threat.” We want political pressure and humanitarian aid so that the Taliban understand that our approach is to form an inclusive government.

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