Video, Video دوشنبه, 26 جولای , 2021

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Is this a video of Shah Hossein Mortazavi dancing ?

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Ariana News Agency: A video that has gone viral in which Shah Hossein Morteza was seen dancing after his appointment as an advisor to the president.

It is worth mentioning that President Ghani in a decree has appointed Shah Hossein Mortazavi as his senior advisor in cultural affairs.

Shah Hussein Mortazavi, in connection with his current position in the government, says: He has been working in the society for many years, but no one has acknowledged him till Ashraf Ghani invited him and asked himnto work with him.

Mortazavi owes himself to Ashraf Ghani for creating opportunities.

Shah Hossein Mortazavi, before being appointed as a senior advisor was a critic of the government and had said: “This fascist government does not believe in social justice and equal citizen rights, and all appointees are Ashraf Ghani’s relatives.”

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