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Why the US-Taliban Peace Talks Venue Changed from Riyadh to Doha?

طالبان 7 550x295 - Why the US-Taliban Peace Talks Venue Changed from Riyadh to Doha?

The Arabiya English reported the reason of why the US-Taliban peace talks venue changed from Riyadh to Doha-Qatar.

Arian News Agency-   

 The Al Arabiya reported that the reason for changing the peace talks place from Riyadh to Qatar is strengthening the role of powerful countries such as Iran and Russia in the region.

In a report under the title of ‘Did Iran and Qatar stirred the peace talks venue from Saudi Arabia to Qatar?’ it is pointed out that the new decision on holding the peace talks in Qatar was made after Taliban groups made phone calls with Tehran.

Iran actually doesn’t want to allow Saudi Arabia and its alliance UAE in its eastern borders as it believes that their bold presence in their region will arise ethnic and sectarian issues.

And Qatar, on the other hand seeks to keep and strengthen its position in the region. By playing the role as mediator, Qatar tries to meddle in the peace talks process between US and Taliban, helping US to reach and agreement and to finally strengthen its relation with it.

As also reported by Al-Arabiya, the US-Taliban peace talks is significantly dependent on Pakistan role which is still remained faint and indefinite. This is all dependent on Imran Khan to decide on which side he is gonna rely on. But as political experts say Pakistan would prefer to have more role in those talks in which observed and monitored by Iran and Qatar.

As acknowledged by the newspaper, after US-Iran relations became more tensional Iran has increased its influence in Afghanistan more than before.

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