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UN: The Taliban are still linked to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups

al Qaeda  550x295 - UN: The Taliban are still linked to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups

Ariana News Agency: The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the 28th report of the Analysis and Monitoring Team of the UN Security Council Punishment Committee has reaffirmed the Taliban's continued relations with international terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda.

A statement from the State Department quoted the UN Security Council as saying that al-Qaeda operates in at least 15 provinces in eastern, southern and southeastern Afghanistan under Taliban protection. Al-Qaeda also operates in Taliban-held areas of Kandahar, Helmand and Nimroz.

The UN Security Council report adds that the Taliban have recruited members of Central Asian terrorist groups, including the Islamic Jihad, in recent attacks in northern Afghanistan.

According to the report, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda and is also active in Badakhshan against the Chinese government of Mirzamd.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the Afghan government has always insisted on cutting off the Taliban from regional and international terrorist groups.

The ministry added that it appreciates the UN Security Council’s documentation of the Taliban’s continued links with other regional and international terrorist groups in Afghanistan, and considers their involvement in colluding with the Taliban a serious threat to the region and the world.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the Government of Afghanistan appreciates the efforts of independent and credible international institutions to confirm the Taliban’s non-compliance with its international obligations and the Doha Agreement. It emphasizes the Taliban’s atrocities and crimes against humanity.

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