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Ismail Khan: There is no concern about the fall of Herat

خان - Ismail Khan: There is no concern about the fall of Herat

Ariana News Agency: Amir Ismail Khan, commander of the People's Uprising Forces in Herat, assured that Herat would not fall to the Taliban, but called for more weapons and military equipment from the central government to counter the Taliban's widespread and planned attacks.

Amir Ismail Khan, commander of Herat Jihadi and Popular Uprisings, said of the current situation in Herat that Taliban attacks had been stopped, but that fighting was continuing in the province. Mr Ismail Khan added that there was no concern about Herat falling to the Taliban.

On the other hand, Commander Ismail Khan called on the central government to provide them with new and more equipment, saying: “The government has helped us with some weapons, but this is not enough. We have asked for more and we hope they will make them available to us.”

Widespread Taliban attacks on the city of Herat have been repulsed by popular mobilization resistance as well as security forces.

On the other hand, the clashes between the Taliban and the security forces have increased and the end of this war is still unknown.

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