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Bamyan Governor Faces Criticism Over Biased Acts

photo 2018 04 15 16 03 35 - Bamyan Governor Faces Criticism Over Biased Acts

Civilian Movement under the title of “Tajik and Pashtun Justice Movement” criticized the discriminatory performance of central Bamyan’s local authorities during a press conference in Kabul.

They claim the central government’s letters in Bamyan province are not credible.
“The party of former VP Karim Khalili has taken the right to live from other ethnic groups living in the Bamyan province,” said Mahyuddin Farahmand, the head of the civil movement. “200 letters from the central government have been sent to the local Bamyan administration to equalize and enforce the lost rights of the people, but the governor has worked against them all and does not care about these letters.”
According to him, the governor of Bamyan province Tahir Zahir has formed an independent and tyranny administration in the province, having no obedience from the central government.
Mr Farahmand called on the central government to address the rightful demand of Tajik, Pashtun and Sadat ethnic groups in Bamyan province, otherwise, we will try different ways.
Hazratgul, the father of a girl kidnapped by a policeman, says: “The governor of Bamyan is corrupt who does not have mercy on us and tramples our honor.” “If the central government does not arrest and prosecute the governor of Bamyan, we will have to join the insurgents and fight against the local authority of the province.”

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