Afghanistan, Economic, Politics, Security یکشنبه, 15 آوریل , 2018

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Afghanistan, UAE stress broadening of bilateral ties

Haeef Atmar 615x300@2x - Afghanistan, UAE stress broadening of bilateral ties

National Security Adviser, Haneef Atmar met Saturday with the UAE affairs to Kabul, Issa al-Mazzouri, during which, the two sides emphasized on further strengthen of bilateral relationships.

Atmar said that the UAE could play an important role in the Afghan peace and economic improvement, praising Abu Dhabi’s readiness in expansion of the bilateral cooperation. He also touched on the Kabul-Abu Dhabi’s common goal in the fight against terrorism, urging the join struggle in removing foreign terrorists. Atmar added that the UAE’s preparedness to host and organize an international conference on the improvement of Afghanistan’s commercial and economic issues was an important step, and said Kabul was ready to fulfill the conference decisions.

The UAE charge de affairs in Kabul assured Atmar of his country’s comprehensive cooperation, saying that Abu Dhabi supports the Afghan government-led peace program and would continue joint struggle against terrorism.

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