Security, World updated: August 23, 2022

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India’s proxy war in Pakistan against China

حملۀ انتحاری از سوی ارتش آزادی بخش بلوچستان - India's proxy war in Pakistan against China

On 6/2/1401, a suicide bomber struck a van near the Confucius Institute, affiliated with the Chinese government at Karachi University, killing three Chinese language teachers and a Pakistani driver.

The Indian-backed Baloch Liberation Army, which is military and financially supported, claimed responsibility for the attack and said that for the first time, the suicide bomber was a Baloch woman named Shri Baloch (aka Brahms). This attack will be a turning point in the history of the Baloch resistance.

This attack sends a clear message to China and Pakistan that they must leave Balochistan soon. Pakistani government officials have condemned the terrorist attack, saying it was part of a plan to undermine Pakistan’s strategic partnership with China, backed by their common enemy, India.

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