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Taliban’s new terms and conditions for attending the Istanbul peace talks

Taliban 550x295 - Taliban’s new terms and conditions for attending the Istanbul peace talks

Ariana News Agency: Sources have informed of ‏Taliban’s new terms and conditions for attending the Istanbul peace Summit.

Early last month, Taliban had stated its conditions for attending the Istanbul peace summit.

The Istanbul peace summit is of major importance in which decisions will be made on the future of Afghanistan’s Peace plan.

Last month the idea of this summit was initiated by the US, UN, Turkey and Qatar who will also be participating. The international peace initiative groups are hoping that the local groups in Afghanistan will end the war and also reach an agreement on establishing a government for of peaceful transfer of power. This summit is scheduled to be held by end of May.

Few news sources have claimed, Taliban has set three new conditions to participate in the summit. In an interview, few senior officials of Taliban have informed about the new conditions to attend the Turkey peace talks.

They have emphasised that the Turkey peace summit must be a brief event, not lasting more than 3 days. Secondly, low ranked Taliban officials will be attending the summit and finally important issues will not be discussed.

Some sources of Taliban have emphasises that its leaders are not interested in participating in these peace talks and are considering it due to pressures from Pakistan and Qatar.
Sheikh Abdul Kareem, the chief negotiator based in Qatar along with few other main members had travelled to the region to take advice from Mulla Hibatallah, head of Taliban and few other members of the leadership council. The talks held in Pakistan lasted for a month.

‏The US will exit its military forces from Afghanistan by September, while President Biden continues to make plans to fight the terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

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