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Frank McKenzie: “We failed in Afghanistan”

US troops Afghanistan 550x295 - Frank McKenzie: "We failed in Afghanistan"

Ariana News Agency: Frank McKenzie said: "One of the reasons for America's failure in Afghanistan was the implementation of the Western model for governance, without considering the existing realities of Afghanistan."

According to news sources, Frank McKenzie, the former head of the US Central Command, stated that the war in Afghanistan was a failure for four US governments in the past two decades. He said: “I don’t know that Afghanistan could be managed with the Western model, But I know that Afghanistan can be managed with a local model. However, we paid little attention to the realities of Afghanistan on the scene.”

McKenzie said: “Washington was involved in failed nation-building in Afghanistan and was insisting on the western model of governance in this country, and that was a mistake.”

Mackenzie called this failure a combination of “military and diplomatic failures”.

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