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Russia will be more powerful than ever

Russia will be more powerful than ever 655x330 - Russia will be more powerful than ever

In succession to a security incident, all Western countries, prompted by England, suddenly took a stand against Russia; this implies precisely that the story of the poisoning of the British spy and her daughter, by the Russian service, is a completely preconceived scenario.

Six scenarios are possible:
First scenario: The Russian intelligence service has discovered other British spies and seeks to punish them. This led the British intelligence services to sacrifice, with a very simple scenario, a worthless piece, to mobilize the Westerners against Russia to prevent them from being convicted of their spies.
Second scenario: Britain and its NATO allies have been subjected to a devastating blow by the Russians in the area of espionage, which is humiliating and unobtrusive. So By planing this scenario, they intend to resist against Russians.
Third scenario: The British were deceived by the Russian intelligence service, and after ten years discovered that the spy and his daughter had been spying for the Russians from the beginning and were supposedly double in favor of the Russians. So they took revenge in this way of the officer, his daughter and the Russian intelligence service and condemned Russia to this assassination.
Forth scenario: The recent impressive military advances of Russia have been hidden from the eyes of Western spies, angering the British and Americans. So, by planning this scenario, they want to crush Russia’s intelligence and anti-espionage services.

Fifth scenario: The presence of Russia in Syria and its alliance with friends of Bashar al-Assad has led to the failure of all the long-term plans of Western intelligence services, including at the head, the Service Intelligence and the CIA who built and have provided ISIS financing. At the same time, billions of dollars from Western countries were wasted. So the new Middle East, desired by the West and Israel, will never take shape. Therefore, by supplementing their economic sanctions, England and the United States seek to impose political and diplomatic coups. However, they designed this scenario against the Russians so that during this period, Putin can no longer restructure serenely and certainly the power of Russia in the Middle East.
Sixth scenario: In addition to the United States and its allies, another side suffered a lot of damage from Russia during the war on Syria, and it is only Israel. It is very normal that the Israeli intelligence service, having full access to all chemical and microbial biologics, has been involved in the murder of an Anglo-Russian spy in Britain. This was to give rise to quarrels with NATO, and thus to bring pressure on NATO to Russia, so that Russia withdrew from its dominant position in Syria.
This scenario is more likely than the previous five assumptions, because the Israelis are only watching the wolves in their crisis and have no comment on this crisis so far.
What is important is that the Russian nation is in the grip of a conspiracy and should vigorously support its government. All Western countries, especially Great Britain, throughout history, have not hesitated to take any measure of hostility towards this nation, because they want a weak Russia. It is then that the Jewish lobby of Russia on his part still wants Russia to be under its control, like the United States. Therefore, he will certainly invest and pay attention to any action that will lead to the reduction of the authority of the Kremlin.

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