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Motaghi Expresses Concern Over Israel’s Crim’s, Calls for International Intervention

متقی 550x295 - Motaghi Expresses Concern Over Israel's Crim's, Calls for International Intervention

The Foreign Minister of the Taliban, Amir Khan Motaghi, has issued a formal appeal to the international community, urging them to intervene and prevent the genocide of the Palestinian people.

During a recent press conference, Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Motaghi expressed his deep concern regarding the ongoing actions of the Zionist regime, stating, “We are deeply troubled by the regrettable atrocities and crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the innocent and vulnerable Palestinian population in our shared region.”

He went on to emphasize, “I wish to strongly condemn these actions and implore the international community to collaborate in halting these brutal acts and preventing the genocide of the oppressed Palestinian people, while ensuring their rights.”

Motaghi had previously underscored the Afghan ruling body’s position on the Palestinian issue during the “Palestinian High-Level Political Consultative Conference” held in Iran, asserting that the Afghan government views the Palestinian struggle as legitimate and in accordance with both Sharia texts and international law.

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