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Hekmatyar: Israel Bears Responsibility for Kerman Terrorist Attack

حکمتیار 550x295 - Hekmatyar: Israel Bears Responsibility for Kerman Terrorist Attack

The leader of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan, Golbedin Hekmatyar, has denounced the recent terrorist attack in Iran, asserting that those responsible for the Gaza war and Zionism bear the weight of this crime.

In a statement condemning the terrorist incident in Iran’s Kerman province, Hekmatyar stated, “There is no doubt that the responsibility for this crime lies with the instigators of the bloody conflicts of this century, with the most recent being the Gaza war.”

He further remarked, “This crime is perpetrated by individuals whose hands are tainted with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, spanning from Afghanistan to Palestine, and who have been implicated in the assassination of significant figures: colonialism and its malevolent offspring, Zionism.”

It is worth noting that during the commemoration ceremony of General Qassem Soleimani, two substantial explosions occurred in Iran’s Kerman province, resulting in the martyrdom of 85 individuals and the injury of 211 others.

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