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American General: The Doha Agreement is the worst in American history

The Doha Agreement taliban توافق دوحه طالبان 550x295 - American General: The Doha Agreement is the worst in American history

General David Petraeus, the former commander of US forces in Afghanistan, wrote in an article for the Atlantic:

America could control the situation in Afghanistan and could have prevented the fall of its previous government.

Referring to the military facilities and technologies of the American army, Petraeus has argued in this article that Washington could have remained in the role of adviser and supporter of the Afghan government with low financial and human costs.

In this article, Petraeus examines the “big and numerous mistakes” of the United States in Afghanistan and considers one of the most critical mistakes to be Washington’s support for giving too much power to the central government in Afghanistan.

This American personality, who was the head of the CIA for a long time, described the Doha agreement as “the worst political agreement” in American history. He added that the condition for releasing five thousand Taliban prisoners from Afghan prisons caused the downfall of the country’s government.

While confirming the critics’ statements about the “Joe Biden” government’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, this retired American soldier confirms the claim of Washington’s rivals that the United States is not a reliable ally and is a declining power.

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