World updated: February 20, 2023

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Snowden: America seeks to mislead journalists

Edward Snowden 550x295 - Snowden: America seeks to mislead journalists

“Edward Snowden”, the whistleblower and former US National Security Agency employee, considered the identification and destruction of unidentified flying objects over North America to be an action designed to mislead journalists from investigating other issues, including the sabotage and explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines.

Edward Snowden wrote on his Twitter after the commander of the North American air defense said that “until the end of the investigation process, the US military does not rule out any possibility that these unknown flying objects are aliens.” These objects are not aliens. I wish they were aliens, but they are not.

“The detection of three more unknown flying objects over the skies of North America is just the old engineered panic” to ensure that national security reporters “get assigned to investigate balloon” nonsense “rather than budgets or bombings,” Snowden added.
The US has shot down four objects over North America in the past week, the first of which was a Chinese intelligence balloon off the coast of South Carolina on February 4.

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