News January 26, 2019

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Pakistan Media Welcomed Electricity Import from Iran

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As reported by a Pakistan media, Iran has announced its willingness to provide three thousand Megawatt electricity to Pakistan and the tendency to strengthen its bilateral relations.Ariana News Agency-

The Daily Jinnah Newspaper reported that Iran’s offer to supply electricity to Pakistan with reasonable cost is pleasing which requires the government to make an urgent decision to solve its citizen’s severe power shortages, otherwise the country will undergo the great losses.

As reported, Iran as the greatest exporter of electricity in middle east exports electricity to countries of Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition to power area, Iran also showed tendency to boost its bilateral relations with Pakistan in other fields. The newspaper considered Pakistan bad luck to have neighbor like India, but from the other side Iran and China have always been profitable for Pakistan.

It seems that Iran’s offer to supply power has been somehow rejected, and the newspaper attributed the reason to those who aimed to carry out Indian malicious policies in Pakistan.

The report also urges Pakistan official to boost their relations with the friend counties liked Iran rather than relying on the West and US guile policies, as the rejection of Iran’s offer to provide power to Pakistan will put our citizens into serious trouble.

The Pakistan Daily Ausaf Urdu Newspaper also published a report on Iran’s offer and pointed out to Pakistan’s severe problem in this field which led to the disappointment of the investors. The newspaper also suggested Pakistan officials to accept Iran’s offer to import its electricity, otherwise the country will face serious problems.

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