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We Won’t Ever be under Pakistan’s Dominance, Karzai

حامد کرزی 550x295 - We Won’t Ever be under Pakistan's Dominance, Karzai

The Afghanistan former President said in an statement that Afghanistan wants to have close and friendly relations with Pakistan, but not under its dominance.

Ariana News Agency-

In his latest statements in an interview with the The Hindu, the Afghanistan former President Hamid Karzai warned of the consequences of US-Pakistan secret relationships. He also called on Pakistan to end its measures against the custom and values of Afghanistan and asked India to positively meddle in to take roles in Afghanistan peace talks.

“We do want to be friend with Pakistan and strengthen our bilateral relations, but being under its dominance, it’s not what we want. We help US to progress the peace talks but they have to know that there is no talks of deals”, Karzai said.

Hamid Karzai also emphasizes on Pakistan persistence on interfering in Afghanistan affairs and said it’s the people of Afghanistan that should not allow a foreign government make decision for them.

He also went on advising Pakistan: “Despite Afghanistan, they are better to make contact with Taliban group too, so one time if the Taliban become a part of Afghanistan government, they can have close relations with them.”

In Karzai belief, Afghanistan was sacrificed in the deal between US and Pakistan and fell right into the quagmire of terrorism.

The statements released while Zalmay Khalilzad the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation visits Pakistan, India and china for facilitation of the peace process.

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