Afghanistan, Politics, Social updated: February 22, 2024

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US Special Representative Criticizes Taliban’s Ban on Female Education in Afghanistan

مکتب 550x295 - US Special Representative Criticizes Taliban's Ban on Female Education in Afghanistan

Thomas West, the United States’ special representative for Afghanistan, has strongly criticized the Taliban’s continued prohibition of female students from attending universities. His comments come as the one-year anniversary of this ban approaches.

In a statement on his Twitter page, Mr. West emphasized that the United States prioritizes women’s access to education in its vision for the future of Afghanistan and its own strategic interests.

He further noted that in his discussions with Afghan citizens, there is a common recognition of the need for a new generation of educated Afghan women, including doctors, engineers, business leaders, and educators. This educated workforce is deemed essential for Afghanistan’s progress and self-sufficiency.

Despite these international concerns, the Taliban’s Ministry of Education has maintained the ban on female university attendance since 2022.

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