Afghanistan, Politics, Security updated: September 21, 2023

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United Nations: NATO weapons in Afghanistan provided to ISIS

داعش 550x295 - United Nations: NATO weapons in Afghanistan provided to ISIS

In the 17th report released by the Secretary General of the United Nations addressing the ongoing threat posed by ISIS to international peace and security, member states have expressed apprehension regarding the proliferation of weaponry across Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa. Of particular concern is the potential access of ISIS to these arms.

The United Nations has also voiced unease about the reported escalation in the transfer of remaining NATO weaponry to ISIS within Afghanistan. The organization’s latest report suggests that ISIS has managed to enhance its operational capabilities within the Afghan territory.

According to the findings presented in the Secretary General’s report, certain factions associated with Al-Qaeda and the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Taliban are involved in the transportation of NATO weapons to ISIS.

A section of the report highlights that member nations of the United Nations perceive ISIS as the foremost terrorist threat in Afghanistan and the broader region.

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