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Shooting 5 Hazaras in Ghazni by unknown individuals

Afghan people 550x295 - Shooting 5 Hazaras in Ghazni by unknown individuals

Ariana News Agency: Local sources in Ghazni reported that unidentified gunmen opened fire on 5 Hazaras in an area in Ghazni province.

Local sources in Ghazni have confirmed that unidentified gunmen brutally shot five Hazaras in an area between Jaghori and Qarabagh counties.
Their bodies were taken to a hospital in Ghazni province.

Local sources announced that these people are residents of Qarabagh and Jaghori, who were brutally shot just because they were Hazaras in the border area of “Taghchin Tamaki” in Qarbagh city.

Having confirmed the incident, a source expressed that “residents of Malistan, Nahor, Qarabagh, and Jaghori counties are being killed just for being Hazaras as they used to during previous governments.”

By posting photos of their bodies on his Facebook page, he said that the details of the “martyrdom” of these people were not yet known and that local officials have not commented on this event.

This is the first time that citizens of Hazara have been killed in Ghazni since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.
Previously, many such things had happened during the previous government in Ghazni.

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