Afghanistan, Politics, Security updated: July 29, 2021

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Pakistani National Assembly member acknowledges Islamabad’s full support for the Taliban

طالبان پاکستان 550x295 - Pakistani National Assembly member acknowledges Islamabad's full support for the Taliban

Ariana News Agency: Ariana News Agency: Amir Haidar Khan Hoti, Member of the National Assembly and Senior Deputy Chairman of the Awami National Party: Pakistan is a major supporter of the Afghan Taliban.

According to the Pakistani daily Nawai newspaper; Amir Haidar Khan Hoti, Member of the National Assembly and Senior Deputy Chairman of the National Awami Party, said on the sidelines of his speech on the third anniversary of Aaron Bloor and the victims of the Yakutar tragedy in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa .

He called on Pakistani rulers to refrain from repeating past mistakes and save Pashtuns from bloodshed and organized genocide.
He added that the leaders of the Awami National Party had warned 40 years ago that Pakistan should not go to war with others and should not get involved in any conflict. They did not listen to them and accused them of treason and hostility to Pakistan. But today we see the predictions of our elders come true word for word and we interfere in the politics of other countries. Unfortunately, today we hear that Pakistan is a major supporter of the Afghan Taliban and is encouraging them to make irreversible progress at any cost in Afghanistan, similar to what we saw in the integration of tribal areas in Pakhtunkhwa.

In another statement, he said that from the victims of the Peshawar storytelling market to Bashir Bloor and Aaron Bloor are all corners of the sacrifices of the National Awami Party in history. I call on the government to stop the bloodshed of Pashtuns. The Pakhtuns’ patience has run out and they can no longer hold the funeral of their loved ones. The people of Afghanistan will determine the future of their country. War is not the solution to any problem. Today, the United States has given up the war it imposed forty years ago. All parties must work together to find a solution to this problem. Pakistan, China, the United States, Russia and Iran must play their part in bringing peace to Afghanistan.

He added that the formation of a peacekeeping force of China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan, and perhaps even India, could lead Afghanistan from a never-ending civil war to peace and stability.
Negotiations between Afghans, bilateral talks, etc. are all an attempt to support a specific group in the event of a full-blown civil war in the country.

While the solution to the Afghan crisis is the disarmament of all armed groups in this country and the deployment of peacekeeping forces of the above-mentioned countries in Afghanistan. Certainly, this is not a secret from India, so it would prefer to plunge Pakistan into a quagmire, even at the cost of a bloody civil war in Afghanistan, leading to economic bankruptcy.

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