Afghanistan, Politics, Security updated: October 30, 2021

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Nabil: The Taliban should declare jihad against Pakistan

رحمت الله نبیل 2 550x295 - Nabil: The Taliban should declare jihad against Pakistan

Ariana News Agency: Former National Security Chief Rahmatullah Nabil has encouraged the Taliban to wage jihad against Pakistan following reports of a Washington-Islamabad agreement to establish a base in Pakistan.

Nabil tweeted that Washington and Islamabad had agreed to set up a military base in Pakistan to monitor Afghanistan.

“Although you and some of your elders are not expected to dare to do so, there are four benefits to issuing such a fatwa (fatwa on jihad),” he said.

First, the Taliban, despite their many problems, will gain national support and domestic legitimacy. According to him, the second is that there will be unity among Afghans inside the country, the killing will stop and Afghanistan will prosper forever.
Third, history will be revived. He added: “Fourth reason is in the neighboring country, the ruling religious system and its people will benefit from it.”

Cyanan TV reported two days ago that Washington and Islamabad had reached an agreement to establish a military base in Pakistan to monitor and conduct military and intelligence operations in Afghanistan.

The report added that Pakistan has expressed interest in signing an agreement in exchange for US assistance in fighting terrorism in Pakistan.

But the Pakistani Foreign Ministry reacted immediately to the news and denied it.
Such news had been published before.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had warned at the time that it would fight the US government if it agreed to establish a US base in Pakistan.

The Pakistani Taliban have recently stepped up their activities against Pakistani security forces in the tribal region.

The Pakistani Taliban say they are seeking to establish a full fledged Islamic state in Pakistan and will fight to achieve this goal.

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