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Mujahid: The Hague Court Lacks Jurisdiction over American Crimes

Zabihullah Mujahid ذبیح‌الله مجاهد 550x295 - Mujahid: The Hague Court Lacks Jurisdiction over American Crimes

Following Amnesty International’s appeal to the International Criminal Court, also known as the Hague Court, to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan, the Taliban spokesperson stated that the court lacks the authority to address the occupiers’ crimes.

In a section of Amnesty International’s statement, it is mentioned: The International Criminal Court should prioritize justice for victims of crimes by the Taliban and other countries in Afghanistan before the Taliban takeover in 2021, expediting the process.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson, responded, stating: This court cannot hold powerful occupying countries accountable for their crimes in Afghanistan.

He expressed doubt about the court’s impartiality and mentioned that Afghanistan’s governing body has no confidence in the court’s ability to investigate the crimes of American and NATO soldiers.

The Hague Tribunal recently announced the resumption of investigations into war crimes in Afghanistan, but it will not probe crimes committed by American soldiers during their 20-year presence in Afghanistan.

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