Afghanistan, Politics, Security, Social updated: February 22, 2024

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Karzai Urges Resolution of Differences on Girls’ Education in Afghanistan

Former Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, stressed the significance of girls’ and women’s education in the country amidst the closure of girls’ schools.

He expressed optimism that the differences concerning this matter would be addressed.

Karzai, speaking on the education of girls and women, voiced hope for a resolution of the ongoing issues, acknowledging his lack of specific details but emphasizing the importance of girls returning to classrooms.

Highlighting the importance of girls’ education for the Afghan people, Karzai revealed discussions with Taliban officials on this matter. He also touched upon the formation of an inclusive government, clarifying that it involves governing according to the will of the people rather than the presence of all individuals in the government.

While noting improved security since the Taliban took power, Karzai emphasized the need for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan. He advocated for a national discourse where Afghan people feel included.

Karzai proposed establishing a balance of power among major players as the key to saving Afghanistan, warning of challenges if this balance is not respected.

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