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Herat Governor , Pakistan Sealed a Deal with Saudi Arabia over Taliban Group

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Abdul Qayum Rahimi the Governer of Harat province lately claimed that the Saudi Crown Prince in his latest trip to Pakistan has sealed a deal with Pakistan government to put Taliban Group into his service.

Ariana News Agency-

“The government of Pakistan has sold the Taliban group to Saudi Arabia in return of receiving $20 billion. To realize Pakistan’s interests, the group will continue the battel in Afghanistan soil, as they did up to now and killed our citizens”, Abdul Qayum Rahimi the Governor of Herat province stated in his talks to headquarters of the 207th Zafar Corps of the Afghan National Army (ANA).

Calling Taliban group Rebels Mr. Rahimi said that death is the only punishment for them in Islam religion which it should be heavily meted out.

“Those rose against the nation, government and security forces of Afghanistan and shed their blood are rebels and according to Islam a rebel must be beheaded”, Mr. Rahimi also said.

Noorullah Qadiri, 207th Corps commander also in an interview with Ofogh News Agency acknowledged the statements of Herat Governor saying Taliban will be severely suppressed if keep refusing to sit at negotiation table with Afghanistan government.

Pakistan government has been considered as one of the main supporter of Taliban group. Its members are receiving military training in the tribal regions in Pakistan, reports say.

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