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18 Afghan Workers Perish in Tragic Turkish Workplace Incidents

کشته 550x295 - 18 Afghan Workers Perish in Tragic Turkish Workplace Incidents

In the year 2023, a harrowing toll of 18 Afghan laborers met their untimely demise as a result of occupational accidents within the borders of Turkey.

The Turkish Occupational Safety and Health Council, in an official statement, disclosed that during the course of 2023, a heartbreaking total of 1,932 workers lost their lives within the nation due to various workplace-related incidents. Among these tragic casualties, 18 Afghan laborers tragically perished as a direct consequence of occupational mishaps.

As per the report issued by this authoritative body, the number of work-related fatalities in Turkey for the year has reached an alarming tally of 1,932 cases.

Meanwhile, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has released a sobering declaration, highlighting that Afghanistan finds itself amongst the three nations grappling with the most substantial influx of refugees seeking asylum in foreign territories during the year 2022.

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